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What is Kinky Panda?

Welcome to Kinky Panda, a brand new, adult only, online marketplace.

At Kinky Panda we are Passionate About Niche Designers and Artisans. Unlike the big names in the market, we have created a place where independent retailers can easily sell their products and buyers can buy them, all whilst feeling like part of an online community. Whether you’re selling sex toys or looking to buy fetish items, Kinky Panda offers a place for you to do so. We’re a bit like Etsy, but a whole lot sexier.

What Do We Do?

In recent years the sex industry has been neglected due to its taboo status and though things are slowly changing, they’re not changing quick enough for us. So, we decided to do something about it. Rather than buying in to the current product led market, Kinky Panda focuses on the consumer. By connecting sellers and buyers, the consumer’s wants and desires come first.

Kinky Panda is an online marketplace for all things erotica; from sex toys to props and lingerie, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. We personally select all of the sellers on Kinky Panda, to ensure the quality of everything remains high and we encourage healthy sexual exploration. After all, experimenting is all part of personal development. So, our sellers can sell items for any niche area… as long as it’s not illegal, of course.

About us infographic showing a computer with kinky panda website. Individually approved and hand selected vendors selling unique, high quality adult goods equals happy customers.

How Does Kinky Panda Work?

Through our time working in the online sex store industry we discovered just how difficult it is to get traffic to a website, especially as there a lot of restrictions placed on advertising across the web. So, we decided to solve the problem by creating somewhere that allows you to buy and sell erotic items and accessories without the fuss.

We understand that a lot of small brands do not have the resources to market your amazing products to a wide audience, so customers aren’t able to find them. Plus, with so many unique items available, we felt it was time that consumers had a wider choice. At Kinky Panda our aim is provide retailers with somewhere they can stand out.

With so many fantastic products being created, we want to empower small brands with somewhere to sell to a specific audience, without needing to compromise on profit or large marketing costs. By bringing small brands together, Kinky Panda is able to offer a full online marketplace that covers every type of product and every type of toy.

A picture of a computer with the kinkypanda.com website linked to a basket. The basket then links to delivery parcels

One Website - One Shopping Basket - Hassle Free Delivery from all your Favourite Sellers!

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

“It is not in numbers but in unity, that our great strength lies” - Thomas Paine

“Individually, these little warriors are no match for a giant invader. But together, they're a force to be reckoned with!” - Netflix / Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll

To find out more about Kinky Panda and our values, as a buyer or seller, get in touch.