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What If Your Partner Isn't Into Your Kinks?

It can be nerve wracking and stressful to reveal one of your kinks to a sexual partner, but you may be lucky and find that they’re into it to. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Though there is nothing wrong with you and your partner having different kinks, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Everyone Has Different Kinks

Everyone has slightly different kinks, it’s natural! Whereas you may have one kink, your partner may be into something completely different. A key part of understanding what makes someone tick and knowing how to make sex more pleasurable for one another, is by being open and honest about different kinks and fetishes. Though you may be nervous at first, it’s important to remember that everyone enjoys something different.

Once you have been honest about kinks, the fun can really start. If you’re lucky you’ll find your partner is willing to give it a go or you’ll find your partner’s kinks interest you. However, someblog couples do have wildly different kinks that just aren’t compatible.

What To Do If You Don’t Share The Same Kinks

There’s no guarantee that you and your partner will share the same kinks; you may be into something they’re not and vice versa. This isn’t often a problem and with a bit of communication most couples can find a happy medium. However, knowing how to proceed isn’t always clear. After all, should you try and convince them to try it or should you leave it buried deep?

If your partner isn’t into your kink at all, try to avoid pressuring them into trying something they’re not comfortable with. Let them know that there’s no pressure on them to participate and you don’t expect them to share your interest. This can be disappointing, so focus on sharing kinks as being a way to open up to one another. Though it may not be something you’ll be trying together, you being open with them will help them to have a better understanding of what makes you tick.

If your partner has a different kink to you, consider trying theirs and them trying yours. Though you may not initially receive sexual pleasure from doing so, someblog it’s enough just to know that your partner is. Plus, you never know, you may both uncover kinks you didn’t know you had.


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