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An Introduction to Kinky Panda Lingerie

An Introduction to Lingerie

Today, lingerie offers more choice and is more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re nervously taking your first steps into buying sultry nightwear or you have a wardrobe full of sexy outfits, you’ll love the amazing looks you can achieve with the vast array of lingerie available, and more importantly how confident you can feel when wearing it.

A brief history of Lingerie

You could spend forever detailing the history of lingerie, but what matters is how female empowerment has become so important as times have moved on. The earliest examples of lingerie are often considered to be the whalebone corsets of the 1800s that were physically damaging and manipulative to the body.

Over time the move to more comfortable, sexual underwear has developed thanks to the invention of the bra in the early 1900s, the popularly of pin-up girls in the mid-20th century, and then the more recent history of changing attitudes to sexuality and eroticism becoming less taboo, resulting in the world we have today where lingerie is no longer taboo. While lingerie used to exist for the sole benefit of men, as women were pressured by society into painful corsets, now the power of confidence, choice and expression are entirely in the hands of women.

Modern lingerie – something for everyone

The contemporary world of lingerie offers a wealth of options to suit all women (and men, but we’ll get to that). It’s not just about bra and knicker sets, although there are plenty of these available if that’s what you’re looking for. Indeed, nowadays you can take your pick between corsets and basques (a world away from the painful monstrosities of centuries ago), playsuits and stockings for full-body coverage, babydolls, chemises and teddies and so much more. Lingerie also includes the wonderful world of accessories, from masks and sexy suspenders to body jewellery, to give you even more choice in your night-time look.

Materials vary too – lace knickers or silk nightwear offer luxurious comfort without sacrificing that sexy look, whereas materials like latex and leather are more niche but offer an extra level of naughtiness (with that wipe-clean benefit too!). And when it comes to colours, there’s always something gorgeous to choose from, whether it’s the classic blacks or reds, pristine whites that are perfect for that wedding night, or any other colour to suit your tastes.

Embrace your sexy side with erotic lingerie

As society has become more open and honest regarding sex and sexuality, more and more people are turning to erotic lingerie to spice things up in the bedroom. What was once taboo has become more popular as people fully embrace the world of naughty underwear to aid their sex lives.

For the more conservative and shy, see-through lingerie is a great entry point into erotic clothing. It still leaves you covered while leaving nothing to the imagination for your lover, letting you feel comfortable in yourself and still tantalising your partner.

The more adventurous may look to crotchless thongs and G-strings and open bras to take things to the next level. Not only do they make you look and feel like a sexual goddess, but they also let you get straight to the action, ideal for long love-making sessions or those passionate quickies.

Accessories also add to the world of erotic lingerie, ranging from the classy looks of body jewellery to nipple tassels and even wigs – never underestimate the power of a wig in the bedroom to help with role-playing or to just give you confidence in acting out your wildest fantasies. And then there’s dedicated bondage lingerie, with unique designs for BDSM play in the bedroom too.

The wonderful world of curves with plus size lingerie

Gone are the days of lingerie being exclusively for the slim ladies of the world. Every woman is beautiful, and sexy lingerie is now widely available for women of all shapes and sizes. And because everybody is a different shape and size, there’s some fantastic lingerie designed to highlight anybody’s curves, from sleek see-through babydolls to mesh mini dresses, gorgeous chemises and figure-hugging body stockings. Plus size stockings and other lingerie will make you feel more confident and sexier in the bedroom and will certainly get the attention of your partner.

Bridal lingerie

In the modern day, the idea of consummating a marriage isn’t as big a deal – mainly because we’re all having a lot more sex before getting hitched, which is always a good thing! But that doesn’t mean the wedding should be ignored. Every big day deserves a big night, and bridal underwear can help add a touch of naughtiness to proceedings once you’ve left the guests on the dance floor and found your way back to the bridal suite.

Choosing the right bridal lingerie depends on your personal tastes, with a range of classical styles available alongside more erotic, sultry choices. You can tease your new husband or wife with a sultry babydoll or send them wild with temptation with the naughtiest white underwear sets. The only certainty is that you certainly won’t be having an early night.

Lingerie for men

It’s not just women that get to have all the fun. Men’s lingerie has been growing in popularity as couples become more adventurous and playful in the bedroom, with guys wanting to try out some sexy underwear for their partner. From the collections of revealing thongs and jock straps designed to highlight his manhood, to more sensual styles of more classic boxers and briefs for those looking to take their first steps into sexy men’s lingerie, there’s something for every guy out there. And let’s not forget the great range of novelty animal-themed G-strings and pouches that are ideal for those who know sex doesn’t have to be serious.

Finding the right lingerie for you

Whatever you’re looking for, the right lingerie for you is always available. Experiment and be adventurous, you’ll see that sexy underwear can make all the difference in the bedroom, and make you feel more confident in yourself.