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Things to Know Before Trying Anal Sex

If you’re considering trying anal sex for the first time you’ve probably got a lot of questions, this is completely normal. Trying anal sex can be daunting and nerve wracking, so we’ve compiled a list of the key things to know before giving it a go.

Before Trying Anal Sex, Remember…

Clean to a Level You Are Comfortable With

A lot of people worry about being clean before they try anal sex. However, the best advice is to clean to a level you are comfortable with. If you need a full day to prepare and feel comfortable, take it! If you’re not overly worried and are less concerned, don’t feel pressured into extreme levels of preparation. The key is to feel comfortable and ready, whatever that entails for you.

There Are Safety Measures

Though there’s no risk of pregnancy, anal sex can still be dangerous and therefore protection should still be worn; condoms and nitrile gloves are both popular options.

Avoid Numbing Products

It can be tempting to use numbing products, especially if you are worried about experiencing pain. However, this isn’t advised. Numbing products make it almost impossible for you to feel any pain or discomfort, both of which are a way for you to know if there are any problems.

Anal Sex Shouldn’t Hurt

There’s a common misconception that anal sex will hurt, but this isn’t true. With the correct preparation and care, there’s no reason as to why anal sex should be a painful act. Like all other forms of sex, it should be pleasurable for both parties.

It May Not Happen Straight Away

Even if you are raring to go and extremely enthusiastic, remember that it might not happen straight away. In fact, it may not happen at all! Try to avoid feeling disappointed or let down, but it does usually require a bit of practice.

Use A Lot of Lube

Before going anywhere near having anal sex, get yourself a lot of lube. Nothing about anal sex is self-lubricating and therefore it has to come from somewhere. Whether you’re starting with a small toy or going straight for penile penetration, lube up!

It Should Be Fun for Both Parties

Regardless of who suggested trying anal sex, remember that it should be pleasurable for both parties. When both parties are enjoying it, anal sex can be a lot of fun.


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